Sycamore International is a technology asset purchasing and recycling firm. We buy, refurbish and recycle used computers and electronics equipment.

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IT Asset Recovery

We specialize in maximizing the value of all hardware we procure, which enables us to pay top dollar for functional equipment. Almost everything we purchase is refurbished to extend its life for reuse. Our process is energy efficient, environmentally friendly and good for our planet.

Recycle Electronics

Obsolete electronics contain a variety of dangerous heavy metals and hazardous waste. We recycle the hardware components responsibly domestically, so the materials can be reused. Keep your old equipment out of landfills with Sycamore.

Data Security

Your data is secure with Sycamore. Every functional hard drive is wiped to the Department of Defense standards, and every non-functional hard drive is physically destroyed and recycled. We destroy data on other storage mediums by environmentally friendly and secure means.